Aladdin's Wishes Slots

If you’ve ever watched the classic Disney Film Aladdin, or you’ve read any of the books, Aladdin’s Wishes will be a very familiar looking slot game to you. In this slot game you have a series of symbols that all relate to the film, including a palace, a monkey, bowls of fruit, jewelry, vases, swords and of course Aladdin himself. In this slot game you’ll encounter all sorts of features that keep things interesting and you have a shot at some pretty decent wins as well. We review all the features down below, so keep reading to find out if the slot is right for you or not.


Wagering is exceptionally flexible when playing Aladdin’s Wishes. You’re free to wager as little as $0.01 if you want to hold onto your money for as long as possible. For more serious players it’s possible to wager up to $5.00 per line to a maximum amount of $100.00 per spin. The paylines are completely adjustable, so you can turn them on and off to get just the perfect wager amount. It’s easy to choose a comfortable wager amount in this slot game thanks to all the different adjustable settings.

Activating the Random Jackpot

Like many of the top-rated online slots today, Aladdin’s Wishes has a random jackpot feature that triggers occasionally. This progressive jackpot can grow to be very large, and could pay out tens of thousands of dollars if you are fortunate enough. The jackpot triggers at random and it’s impossible to know exactly when the cash is going to pay out or not. That’s what makes it so interesting to experience.

Double Your Winnings with Aladdin

Aladdin is the wild symbol in Aladdin’s Wishes and shows up on reels 2, 3 and 4. This symbol will swap in for everything but the scatter symbol, and will help you win even more than normal. Any prizes completed with help from Aladdin is doubled in value instantly, so it’s always good to get a payout with help from the wild in this slot game.

Winning Big

It’s possible to win as much as 10,000 coins on a single spin during the standard rounds of Aladdin’s Wishes, or as much as 20,000 coins during the bonus feature of this slot game. That’s between $50,000 and $100,000 in prize winnings when you have a maximum wager in place while playing the slot. That’s a whole lot of money and makes this slot worthwhile for even high rollers out there looking for some fun.

Aladdin’s Wishes Feature

Getting three or more of the lamp scatter symbols will trigger the special Aladdin’s Wishes feature. This feature is a free spin bonus round that will give you added chances to win real cash without spending any additional money. After getting enough scatter symbols the feature begins and there are five lamps to pick from. You’ll receive a single pick for each scatter symbol that you used to trigger the round. Magic lamp symbols give you 25 free spins and other lamp symbols pay out an instant cash prize worth between 2 and 100 times your total wager amount.

During the free spin games any prizes that are won are doubled instantly, which means that wins including a wild symbol are actually multiplied by 4x, helping you get some pretty significant wins from this feature.

Because of all the different special features of Aladdin’s Wishes, there is a lot of cash that you can win and the slot is worth playing. It doesn’t matter if you are on a tight gambling budget, or if you have money to burn, you should be able to find an option to works for you when you play this slot game.