Lucha Libre Slots

Lucha Libre is a Mexican slot game that’s all about a specific style of wrestling in Mexico and throughout South America. In this type of wrestling there are masked wrestlers that wear flashy costumes while going against one another. This slot focuses on all the symbols that you would come to expect from such a theme, including alcohol, snacks, television, wrestler posters, trophies and more. The slot is nice to look at, and the backdrop is bright, flashy and keeps to the same wrestling theme with a big wring depicted. This slot stands out dramatically whether you are familiar with Lucha Libre wrestling or not, and the look and feel of the game is exactly why we decided to give it a review ourselves.

Odd Coin Size Wagers

When you play Lucha Libre you can set the coin value as well as the total number of active paylines that you are using. Coin values range from a low of $0.25 to a high of $6.25 each. There are a total of 25 paylines and you can turn them on and off to suit your wagering requirements. This allows you to wager between $0.25 and $156.25 depending on what setting you put into place. That’s a pretty good range to work with, but it’s an odd set of values that isn’t going to work well for everyone. Choose a wager amount you are comfortable with and then move on to playing the actual slot game.

Setting Your Speed

Lucha Libre gives gamblers the option to change the speed of the reels and there are three different speed settings to choose from. At the low end the reels creep by slowly, the second setting offers a pretty standard slot experience with the spin animations but without much delay in between spins. Finally there is the high speed setting that will send the reels cruising by in a blur and leave you with the results of your spin just a second or so after you initiate it.

Powerful Wild Symbols

There are wild symbols that show up on the central reels and they have a chance to double your prize payouts. If you get a full stack of wilds, any prizes they help create are doubled in size. This can lead to some interestingly good prize payouts if you are lucky enough.

Winning with Each Scatter

There are two different types of scatters in Lucha Libre, and you only need two of the mask symbols or three of the wrestling ring symbols in order to trigger a payout from the slot. With two different scatter symbols in the game it’s possible to get multiple scatter wins in a single turn, and scatter wins are incredibly common as well.

The Time to Rumble Feature

With three or more of the wrestling ring symbols, you trigger this special bonus feature. While playing this feature, you select different wrestling moves to try to best your opponent. If you beat your opponent you will instantly be awarded a bunch of extra features, on top of a set of 14 free spins with a 2x multiplier for some really good chances of winning prizes. Lose and you still get the 14 free spins, just not the other extras.

Mask of Fiery Doom Feature

These are extra bonus spins you get for winning the wrestling match in the Time to Rumble Feature. Come out on top and you get some extra free spins with mask symbols on the first two reels. It’s possible to get some very generous wins in this special bonus round, with scatter wins up to 81x possible with a lucky spin.

There is a lot to like about this online slot game. It’s colorful, the animations are nice, the music is fun and there are many ways for you to win. We would like it if the wilds showed up in other positions other than just the central reels, but we got some good wins through the bonus rounds and had a good time, so overall the slot is worth trying and a lot of fun.