The Big Heist Slots

The Big Heist has the look of a true classic slot game and looks like something that you would find in an older casino. It isn’t all that flashy, though it does rely on bright colors in the background. This slot game is essentially about a big bank heist where you get out with as much money as possible. The entire time that you play you’ll be trying to accumulate enough dials to crack the safe and get away with the cash. The slot is all about loyalty and it’s the type of slot that you’ll want to play again and again in hopes of getting the top prize payout.

Betting to Start the Game

To get the slot game going you need to choose a wager amount that you are comfortable playing with. There are all sorts of wager amounts available, so you have great control over what level you are betting at. Coin values range from a low of $0.05 to a high of $5.00. There are 3 potential coins that you can wager per spin, so you can wager between $0.05 and $15.00 depending on your coin value and how many coins you have in play per spin. That’s a decent betting range and should work well for most low stake gamblers out there that want to experience this classic slot game.

Whatever wager amount you decide to go with, make sure that you keep that amount the entire time that you play the slot game. Swapping your wager amount is like starting a whole new slot, and you’ll lose your loyalty progress if you do that.

Good Solid Prize Payouts

There are a few different prize payouts that are exciting enough to play for. With three of the dial symbols you’ll unlock a prize worth between 100 and 300 coins depending on how many coins you are wagering per spin. With three of the golden symbols you can unlock an even higher payout worth between 250 and 2,000 coins depending on the wager that you have in place. The 2,000 coin jackpot payout for three coins makes it very lucrative to wager the top number of coins that you can with every single spin, even if you have to go with a lower wager amount than the top coin value.

Collecting Dials

There’s a special bonus round that has you crack the safe for a big payout. In order to crack the safe you need to accumulate 50 of the dial symbols. Do that to crack open the safe and collect the bonus. This feature takes quite a bit of time to unlock, but the good thing about it is that your progress toward 50 dials will remain even if you get off the slot and back on it at a later date. That means you can keep playing toward the goal, even if you only have a few minutes to play each time you get on the slot game. The prize payout that you get from this special feature is completely random, so you never know what sort of payout you’re going to end up with. This makes it even more exciting to keep turning the reels.

Getting the Jackpot Instantly

Saving up 50 dials is one way to unlock that mystery bonus payout, but it’s not the only way. Getting three dials on the same payline is another method that you can use. Do that and you’ll instantly trigger a jackpot payout worth 10x the mystery jackpot amount. It’s the best way for you to win, and you don’t have to play for hours at a time in order to unlock either, you just need a lot of luck.

The Big Heist might look old-school, but this classic slot has a lot of elements that make it particularly enjoyable to play. With a top payout over $10,000, there is quite a bit of money at stake, and that doesn’t even consider the different jackpot payouts that you can trigger while playing the game.