Frozen Assets Slots

Frozen Assets is a chilly themed classic slot game from Realtime Gaming. The slot game is designed for simplicity, though it does offer a couple nice features to keep things interesting. We liked the low-key look of the slot game, and found it to be pretty nice to look at overall. Read on to learn about the features offered by this game, and find out if it's the sort of slot that will appeal to you or not.

Wagering Options

Like many classic slot games, Frozen Assets has just a single payline and allows you to wager multiple coins on the line. You can bet between one and three coins per spin. Each coin can be set to a value between $0.50 and $5.00. That means you can wager between $0.50 and $15.00 per spin. The more you wager, the more you can win from this slot, and wagering three coins per spin is highly recommended, because you will unlock the biggest jackpot payouts from the slot.

Winning Big

While there is no massive jackpot paid out from this slot game other than what you could win from the snowman feature, it is possible to win up to 250 coins on a single spin with the blue 7's. Get three of these symbols and you'll win between 75 coins for a single coin wager, to 250 coins for a three coin wager. That's worth up to $1250 I you have a maximum bet in place, which isn't bad for a single spin on the slot.

Simple and Easy

Even though Frozen Assets includes some bonus features, the slot game itself is very easy to play and understand for everyone. Every winning combination shows up on the pay table above, so you always know what to expect. The snowman bonus payout is clearly labeled and it's simple to understand how the bonus functions. There aren't huge life changing prizes to be won from this slot game, but there is enough cash on offer to make things fun and exciting. If you're interested in simple online gambling, Frozen Assets wouldn't be a bad way to go at all.

The Snowman Bonus

This slot game packs in a special feature known as the snowman bonus. A bonus bank of money is kept holding a prize that you will unlock if you manage to get up to 200 snowflakes. The snowflakes show up on the reels as you spin and you'll notice their number growing as you go through one round after another. Unfortunately the sun symbol will take away from your accumulated snowflakes, making it more difficult to unlock this bonus. Both snowflakes and sun symbols add to the bonus amount of money that starts at 500 coins and grows from there. This bonus can pay out very nicely if you're lucky enough to get enough snowflakes in a play session, and it gives you something to try for as you go through one spin after another. Some players will find Frozen Assets to be a dull slot, but that wasn't our experience at all. The lure of the snowman bonus keeps things interesting as you go through one round after the next, and you'll always know what to expect when spinning the reels. It's good simple gambling, with decent enough prizes to give you something to look forward to as you play.