American Icon Slots

American Icon is an online slot-themed singing show such as American Idol or Got Talent. The game features a diva singing, crowds of adoring fans, a recording contract, and other unique symbols that fit the design of the game. This slot is flexible, and we expect it to have impressive bonus features. We look closely at the different features in our review of the game below.

20 Locked Paylines

There are 20 paylines in this game overall. The lines are always activated when you play, which means you must wager 20 coins at all times. That's a genuine concern to some players, and this setting means that some of your wagering options are limited.

Limited Wagering Options

With the paylines locked in the on position, you must wager at least $0.20 per spin when playing this slot. The maximum wager amount is worth up to $200.00 per spin, and you'll likely choose to stay between those two numbers as you play.

Watch for Wilds and Scatters

For more winning chances, this game uses wilds and scatter symbols to give you more chances to win. There's never a guarantee that you'll win, but it helps to add these special perks to the game to help you win more regularly.

Choose the Right Performer Bonus Game

You'll get the chance to serve as a talent scout in this game when you gather three or more of the logo symbols. Do that, and you'll start a special bonus where you must choose the right singer to help you advance in the bonus round. Select the right performers enough, and you can win big prizes in this special round.

15 Free Games

Getting three record symbols unlocks the free games bonus round in this slot. That gives you 15 free games to try and win more prizes. This simple bonus doesn't come with many unique perks, but it does give you more chances to win without costing you anything.

Try it Free First

Getting familiar with a new slot can be a scary process when you're wagering real money as you play. That isn't necessary with this game, though. Instead, you can wager play money until you're comfortable with the game. The demo version of the game works the same, which means you can learn about all the perks of the game and then risk your bankroll on it when you know about all the features.

Good Solid Jackpot Win

The highest fixed jackpot offered in this slot is 20,000 coins in a single win, and that's a big deal when you can wager up to $10.00 per coin. Wager the highest amount and win big, and you'll enjoy a huge prize win overall.

American Icon is an entertaining slot game with a nice selection of bonus features to choose from. The game offers a unique bonus feature that makes you feel like you're on a game show, and it provides decent prize-winning opportunities.