Dragon Lord Slots

Dragon Lord is an epic online slot game with blazing fields of fire, an angry dragon, and a warlord. The slot has cool, unique symbols, just the start. Learn how this slot from Wager Gaming Technology stands up to other slots and how it could be a good option for some players in our full review. We look at the bonus features of the game and more.

Adjustable Paylines

The game has 25 adjustable paylines that you can activate and deactivate. When the lines are all activated, you wager on all 25 of them for each spin. Each line that isn’t activated is a line you don’t have to wager on to help you save money while spinning.

High and Low Wagering Options

There’s a massive range of different wagering options to choose from when starting this game, and it’s important to choose a bet that you’re comfortable with. The minimum wage is just $0.01 per payline, as low as $0.01 per spin. The maximum wager is $10.00 per payline, for a maximum wager of $250.00 per spin. There are many different wager values between the minimum and maximum levels.

Two Button Autoplay

It only takes a moment to activate autoplay when wagering on this casino game. Choose the settings button and select autoplay to start the game spinning immediately. Once the reels start turning, they will continue until you stop the feature or run out of money.

Dragon Slayer Wild Doubles Prizes

The Dragon Slayer symbol is the key to uncovering the 4,000-coin fixed jackpot of this game, and the wild also doubles prize wins that involve other characters. Get one or more of these wilds in a winning combination, and you’ll double the payout immediately.

Double Payout Free Games

Getting three or more of the Dragon Orb scatters triggers the free games bonus round. While in this round, you’ll enjoy ten free games where prizes are doubled in value.

Not a Great Value

With so many slot games offering 96% of the money back as winnings, this game isn’t keeping up in value. It pays out approximately 93.5% of the money taken back as winnings. This is much less than what’s offered by many other slot games today, which is why players should look elsewhere if they care strongly about value.

Mobile Play and Free Play Supported

This modern slot supports mobile play on different phones and tablets without requiring any software to play. The game also functions in a demo mode for free if you want to test the features before you are familiar with the game and want to change to wagering with real money.

Dragon Lord is an entertaining slot game with standard features. The free spin bonus offers more wild symbols, doubled prizes, and more chances to win, and the standard rounds utilize scatters and 2x wilds to keep things interesting, but the rest of the game's features are basic.