Ja Man Slots

Ja Man is just like what you would assume it is. This Rasta-loving Jamaican slot sets you out at a sunny beach with clear blue waters and light sand. The game gives you relaxed symbols you would likely see in Jamaica while giving you access to some pretty impressive views.

Developed by Wager Gaming Technologies

Wager Gaming Technologies, a well-known software company in the gambling industry, is responsible for creating this slot. The company will be available to explain anything you want to know.

25 Total Paylines

Wager on up to 25 paylines for more chances to win per spin. If you aren’t wagering on every spot, you’ll enjoy a lower wager amount, but you’ll also win less frequently on average.

Huge Wager Range Options

Wagering is wide open in this slot, which means you can wager as little as $0.01 per spin, and you can wager as much as $250.00 per spin. Choose a wager value that you’re comfortable with, and then proceed to play.

Autoplay is Supported

AutopLay is easy to turn on when playing this slot. Click the blue AutoPlay button, and the feature will begin right then. Choose your wager amount carefully before selecting the button to ensure you have all your wins at the correct value.

Get up to 5,000 Coins

The best prize payout is worth 5,000 coins, and it’s common to win this prize. If you play for long enough, you have a decent chance to win this prize.

Win up to 25 Free Spins

Use scatters to get up to 25 free spins depending on the number of symbols triggers the round. Three huts get you 15 free spins, four gets you 20, and five gets you 25 free spins. While in these rounds, you don’t get any added perks like some games offer, but you get a big chance to win something nice.

Demo the Game or Play for Real

It’s up to you whether you play this game for free or if you spend money playing it. The game works in real money play and free modes, depending on what sort of playing you’re interested in. Toggle between these two modes to help you get comfortable with the slot and to help you determine how you want to play.

Mobile Play Works

Gambling on mobile devices is convenient, and it’s something you can do with this game. The slot runs well in mobile browsers and should work on all but the most outdated devices.

Ja Man is a slot with real character, and it’s the type of game that you won’t forget anytime soon. We weren’t impressed by the fixed jackpot prize or most other features. The slot has a cool theme, though, and gives out good prizes to players that win significant combinations.