Naughty Ninjas Slots

Naughty Ninjas is one of the oddest slot games from Wager Gaming Technologies because it somehow manages to combine female ninja warriors with alien monsters. The game has a retro look with cartoon drawn symbols, and it’s so interesting that we had to learn more. That’s why we made this review, so keep reading to find out if the game is hiding something that makes it worth playing.

25 Paylines and Wide Wagering Options

There are 25 paylines total in this slot game, and like most WGS games, you can toggle the lines on and off depending on what you want to accomplish. That’s great news for gamblers who want control of the game and the wagers they place. Choose the bet values you use carefully and enjoy playing at a wager level that you’re comfortable with. The maximum wager value is $250.00 per spin, and the minimum is $0.01 per spin. It’s possible to configure your wager value to be at any level in between those extremes.

A Basic Paytable

This slot has a standard paytable, with the highest prize payout worth just 2,000 coins. This allows you to win up to $20,000 in a single spin on one payline, and you could win more than that if you get wins on multiple lines at the same time. While the paytable values aren’t that great, the maximum coin value is high enough to keep things interesting for every sort of player.

One Simple Re-Spin Feature

While playing the game, the only powerful bonus feature available to help you win is the re-spin feature. This special feature gives you a re-spin whenever a ninja star symbol appears on the middle reel. When a ninja star shows up on that central reel, it expands to cover the whole thing, and you get a single re-spin for a chance to win big. This bonus feature occurs frequently, and it’s a useful tool to help you win frequently.

Toggle Between Real Money and Play Money Gambling

This slot is designed to work with real money and with play money. It’s simple to toggle between the two modes when playing the game. If you want to experience this slot game, you can load it in real money or play money modes and have a good time with it with a single button.

Naughty Ninjas is a bizarre slot game, and it doesn’t have that many features to keep with the odd theme that it showcases. There’s just the one re-spin bonus feature to look forward to as you play, which isn’t enough special features, in our opinion. Learn more about the game by spending time with it if it seems interesting to you, but it isn’t the best slot from WGS that we’ve ever tested. We like the odd theme of the game, and the re-spin perk is nice, but the rest of the game is a bit bland.