Parrot Party Slots

If you’re in the mood to lounge by the lake and enjoy a lovely evening with friends, Parrot Party is the perfect chilled-out slot game for just that purpose. The slot is set in the evening, with a group of parrots having a relaxed party in their birdhouse. The slot shows off attractive cartoon graphics, and it’s one of the more unique offerings from Wager Gaming Technologies.

25 Flexible Paylines with Excellent Wagering Options

Choose between 25 paylines with each slot spin to determine how many coins you’re wagering per spin. If you want to win more frequently, you can wager using more coins and win frequently. If you want to minimize the expense of playing online, you can turn lines off. Wagers start at $0.01 per spin and go up to $250.00 per spin, depending on what type of bankroll you’re playing with.

A Good Value Paytable

With prizes worth up to 12,500 coins, the paytable for Parrot Party is generous and something to be excited about. This win is achieved by getting red parrot symbols on a single payline. The game gives you many decent prizes to play for, but the red parrots are the most exciting.

Special Hut Bonus Round

This slot features a special hut bonus round that tasks players with choosing from a selection of different huts to reveal a bonus prize. The game can reward you with up to 250x your wager amount, but you’ll have to choose the right hut to get that big win.

Demo Play the Game

One of the best ways to decide if you enjoy a game is to play it. Unfortunately, you don’t want to waste money on a game that you don’t know whether you like or not. That’s why it’s helpful to access a free version of the same game. If you turn this game on in Demo mode, you get all the same features with a free money balance. This method makes it easy for you to learn how the game works before risking money on it.

Enjoy the Slot on Mobile

Mobile gambling is a favorite feature of online slots today for most players, and it’s fully supported for Parrot Party as well. The game runs on phones and tablets and will work anywhere that the internet is available. Since the game is flexible and easy to run, it’s convenient to play regularly.

Parrot Party is a unique game with a nice simple bonus feature, but it isn’t the perfect slot. We like the excellent solid fixed jackpot prizes in this game, and the slot stands out for its excellent wagering options, but it leaves players without a mighty free spin bonus like the ones in so many other slots.